Hackney duo Echaskech make a welcome return with their stunning new 4 track `Form | Function’ ep, released 17th February 2014 on Just Music. 

Capturing the warmth and magic of a morning sunrise, the title track Form | Function (see the video above) eases in with playful ripples of lush, fluttering melody and we willingly float off on a steady, almost tribal, blissed out beat on a snaking and meandering sonic journey.

This track is perhaps more ambient, meditative and delicate than we are used to from Echaskech, however, it carries their signature euphoric soaring highs, uplifting, warm chord progressions and glitchy punches, with just an undercurrant of melancholy. As the track fades out, we are transported back from this timeless slice of uplifting melodic electronica for the soul, spellbound.

Next up, Bristol bass producer Arkist playfully remixes the title track, launching directly into a ping ponging beat, interspersed with wavering choppy synth, layered fluttering melody and punchy beats, still retaining that melancholic edge. Without deviating too far from the original track, Form Function sheds it’s quiet tenderness and majestic builds and enters punchier, grungier, deeper and darker territory, with beats and fuzzy reptilian bass a plenty, conjuring up moody alien landscapes.

An amalgamation of choppy, mutating twisted beats, crunchy stabs, squelches and glitch, Test Exposure is sensory overload at it’s best and mind-bendingly cinematographic. Highly atmospheric and otherworldly, it joyously soars and floats excitedly, teasing the ears with disembodied sounds eminating from suggested alien lifeforms and unearthly landscapes, heightened with just a hint of a mysterious, exotic vocal sample. 

Upbeat deep clubby house track Sub Ray is pleasing, faster paced and strides purposefully. Heavenly fuzzy, melodic synth with a majestic, echoing cathedral sound, creates an almost religious experience, over a catchy, hands in the air, Orbitalesque funky bass-line. Transported to a higher realm, we are left wanting more. Happily, Echaskech release their new album Origin on 24th February, so we don’t have long to wait before delving right back in for the next otherworldly, Echaskech experience. 

File next to: Max Cooper, Jon Hopkins, Ulrich Schnauss, Future Sound Of London.